For Sale

The following is for sale and made by me (xDraconianx):

* Hetalia Gift Bag
  Price: $7.00 USD (Shipping is FREE to Canada and the US this Holiday season!) 
  To purchase please go here.
  The gift bag will contain:
   => 1 doujinshi
   => 1 bookmark of your choice
   => 2 buttons of your choice
   => 1 randomly selected Hetalia cell phone charm and 1 randomly selected Hetalia magnet: these cannot be purchased separately!

* "The Awesome We" ~Axis Powers Hetalia Doujinshi (PrussiaxHungary)
    Price: $5.00 USD each (not including shipping) 
    To purchase please go here.

  Price: $1.50 USD each $0.50 each (not including shipping)/ Free with the purchase of a doujinshi!
  To purchase please go here

  Characters available: Russia, Prussia, Canada, Chibitalia and HRE, Hungary and Prussia,   SwedenxFinland, Japan and China, Germany, Spain and Romano.

  Price: $2.00 USD each $1.00 each (not including shipping)
  To purchase please go here

  Characters available: Britannia Angel (England), America, Russia/Ukraine/Belarus, Canada, and the Bad Touch Trio (Spain, Prussia, France)

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