Axis Powers Hetalia Dj~ The Awesome We

This HungaryxPrussia dj is actually for sale so I will not be posting its contents online like I have done with previous doujinshi. Hopefully I can promote it more here on Blogger. 

Also! I would like to mention when you purchase a doujinshi you get a complimentary Hetalia bookmark of your choice! Bookmarks can be purchased separately for $1.50 USD plus shipping.

The Awesome We Back Cover

Hetalia Bookmarks

Plot Summary:

Summer, 16th century Europe. It is the bewitching hour in which Prussia climbs through out the Alps towards Vienna. It was supposed to be a surprise visit, but instead there are some surprises neither of them expected.

Parring: HungaryxPrussia
Genre: Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance

Main Characters: Prussia, Hungary, and Canada
Size: 20x13.5 cm
No. of Pages: 20
Rating: PG-13 (slight sexual-innuendo, shounen-ai)
Orientation: Left to Right
Price: $5.00 USD


Follow the following link to storenvy to complete the purchase.

Shipping may vary depending on your location. The doujinshi will be shipped to you on the next business day after I receive the payment.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at allen.chinibi@hotmail.com or through my storenvy page. 


Sketchbook Project 2012

Oh yeah it's backkkkk. I had to join this year since this puppy is going worldwide! Too bad it doesn't stop anywhere near me though T_T The theme this year is "I remember you" as a sequel to "I'm sorry I forgot you." I signed up I think maybe 3 days ago? But with the Canada Post strike (these people, really how many times has it been now?) I wonder when it will get here

In other news, in a month I'll have that new house smell all to myself...ah new house |3

Posting up photos once it eventually gets here. I'm sad no colour choices this year


I finally got the skebu yesterday, funny postmarked on the 22nd. Either way I kinda feel a little cheated with what I received, glad they got rid of that weird library card, didn't quite get that. Again I feel cheated with the book cuz unlike last year which was a nice moleskin book (those are rather pricey too) we have a simplistic notebook with a cardboard cover. And we still pay the same price? Really? Just cause it's recycled, is it even really recycled? Unlike last year this book has only 32 pages, double-sided so much less then last year which was about 50 pages single sided. Well less "work" I guess.


Ota gone and done

I finished the HungaryxPrussia dj I was talking about a couple of months ago. Unfortunately it wasn't well received. Though if anyone is interested I have copies up for sale just contact me via my deviantart account.

That and my caching blog was a disaster. Oh well.



...und so...I have been watching too much of the English dub of Hetalia. Germany is amazing, he is sehr gut lol (er ist sehr gut?) My German is horrible, how on earth does my prof tolerate me?

I started another HungaryxPrussia, this time with words. I'll do my best to finish in time for Otafest (sometime in May.) It would be nice to sell a book~ well if there are leftovers (most likely everything) I'll sell them online, hopefully someone is interested |D I attempted a semi-page, but me and my need to have historical accuracy (which hetalia is not most of the time) I got stuck drawing Prussia. WHY IS PRUSSIA'S EYES SO HARD TO DRAW?! ...really now.

That is all.


*useless post*

I listen to too much German music. Now I'm forcing the world to listen to it too *evil laugh*, nah just hit mute. I won't hate you for it.