Hetalia Merch On Sale!

Yup you read it right, most notably the bookmarks and buttons are on sale! Check it out on the "For sales" tab, but I'll also list it here if you're lazy =p

Also I added something new for this holiday season, a gift bag! It contains the "Awesome We" HungaryxPrussia doujin, a bookmark (your choice), two buttons (also your choice), plus a cellphone charm and magnet I created just for this gift bag! Quantities are limited! And did I mention if you're in the US and Canada shipping is completely free! Yup absolutely free but only till the end of the month.

If you're looking for something for your crazy hetalia friend or to treat yourself, this might be just what you're looking for ;)

I'll also will be selling all of this during Otafest Aurora if anyone happens to be in town during Dec 15.

And the links as promised |D

* Hetalia Gift Bag
   => $7.00 USD with free shipping to Canada and the US. Please go here if you're interested in purchasing.
* "Awesome We" ~ HungaryxPrussia doujinshi
    => $5.00 USD, please go here if you're interested in purchasing.
* Hetalia buttons
  => $1.00 USD, please go here if you're interested in purchasing.
* Hetalia bookmarks
  => $0.50 USD, please go here if you're interested in purchasing.
* Characters used for the cell phone charms and magnets can be found here


And then there's more!

Lordy, lordy, where does the time go? In the past couple of days I made two custom cards for regular exchanges, and yesterday I got a request for a private swap. Then again the weather has been really bad lately (the snow is everywhere...) better off staying inside, making and sending postcards instead of geocaching...wow I can't believe I said that.

For the record, I know zilch about "Sherlock" so I have no idea if this would ever happen between these two, but a guy can dream can't he? Or at least, try to please his recipient. She's into certain fandoms and the johnlock one was the only one I really enjoyed on her tumblr so yeah, long story short, here is me proving I talk too much and can't draw realism. Ja.

And another one for a person who is probably going to hate it, oh well. I gave her stamps and an awesome envelope, you can't complain with that can you? (Well you can but...but...DX) My first time drawing an owl, I think it turned out rather splendid, and it's been so long since I made paper snowflakes. Ah memories, snow is really on my brain lately...

And the one I just finished say, oh half an hour ago? I was requested to make a card for a direct swap, so someone might potentially like my card! Either way, Fancy McFancington Ostrich is his name, I think...I don't know why he's so posh, it just happened. It's tea time somewhere in the world (and 2:35 am here.) So many firsts, first time drawing an ostrich.


More SM (self-made! XD) Postcards

More self-made (SM) stuff |D Just mailed these two yesterday too, so hopefully they both arrive around the same time. (First one going to Germany and the second going to the Netherlands, so... |D ) 

This card was also SM too but it was more me cutting and pasting then it was me drawing. But the recipient  didn't mind if someone wanted to draw on their postcard so I did just that. I really love how it turned out too *_* 

I found some old Japanese notes of mine, knowing these wouldn't be coming in handy any time soon (and I needed something to draw on) I used the list of countries as my medium so to speak. I was in a bit of a "Japanese mood" either way, I even started to listen to Japanese music again to get the thoughts going and I somehow ended up with this |D I intended to only draw the woman and not everything else, well it looks nice and I hope the recipient likes it DX 


More postcards

So far with postcrossing, I've been having a blast that I started another blog about it. I wonder how long this will last lol

I made 2 more cards, one that I just threw into the post about 20-30 mins ago. Hopefully he likes it, the 2nd person didn't seem to like it lol

"Wild Rose"
This one is supposed to be a wild rose, something this part of Canada is known for...I'm telling you, she didn't like it |D 

"What a Quack!"
So this is the one I just mailed, I hope he likes it. It was interesting to make but the puns are really terrible I'm almost sorry I wrote them... 

These might be the last custom cards I make in awhile since classes are back and I still have to finish the sketchbook...yup this is the last year I swear |D


Post-Animethon '12

Ah animethon is finally over, it was a great weekend and I enjoyed myself immensely. I ended up beating my sales record yet again, so I'm very happy about that. I plan to get a paypal "buy" button up and running soon to make things so much easier for anyone who is interested in purchasing anything.

Also before animethon my sketchbook arrived...it arrived the day before my birthday (Aug 7) but I ordered it back on July 8...does it really take a month to go from the US to Canada? Seriously? T_T As I say every year, this will be the last time! And then I join again next year lol

So here it is, I already penciled in two pages. My experiment this year, isn't going as planned as the book arrived much too late and once September hits all I will be caring about is school.

Also back at the end of July I started something cool called "Postcrossing" so far I got two postcards circulating. Hope I receive one soon |D That being said, any custom ones I make will be uploaded here. (I doubt there will be many since people don't like hand-made cards for some odd reason.) Here is my first one I made, which was received on Aug 13 =D

"Day of the Dead"
Isn't it just shizzy? That's all the news for now. 


APH buttons are ready for sale!

Holy flying tofu Strudel, what happened?! My buttons arrived in the mail yesterday, say what?! Yeah that made no sense, do not worry about it. But yes my buttons that I will be selling at Animethon (and online) have arrived, and they look fa-bu-lous!  Here is the DA link, each button is 1.25" and $2.00 USD. See more at the "For Sale" page at the top.

I apologize this isn't star quality...


Repost: Axis Powers Hetalia dj~ L'Iperbole di Andante

This is the last of the doujinshi reposts, yay? I'll be posting slide shows of the sketchbook projects in their respectful original entries, along with the next aph dj, "Don't die before I do" in it's original post. I'll re-link to the original postings for the sketchbook projects plus the next aph dj.

The next aph dj, "Don't die before I do" can be found here. And the completed posts for the sketchbook project 2011 can be found here, and 2012 here.


Axis Powers Hetalia: L'Iperbole di Andante

Plot Summary
[Alternate universe] From a young age twins: Romano (South Italy) and Feliciano (North Italy) had been seperated due to war and economic problems. Antonio (Spain), Romano's guardian catches wind that Feliciano is alive and currently residing in Venezia. Desperate to find the only family he has left in the world, Romano leaves hastily for Venezia not knowing where his brother is, or the consequences of his actions. [ItaxIta] [twincest] [Reads right to left]

Download Link and Deviantart Link.

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Repost: MÄR dj~ Love Letter

And so here is repost #3...this was drawn for a friend for christmas a couple of years ago. Enjoy if you can DX

Märchen Awakens Romance: Love Letter

Plot Summary
Team Mär is staying at Jack's farm for a little R & R. Alviss decides to take a walk alone, and finds a mysterious piece of paper. Its a love letter...from Ginta?! Confusion ensues. [GintaxAlviss] [read right to left] [Some-what NSFW]

Ze links for downloading, is here und ze DA link is here.

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Repost: Axis Powers Hetalia dj~ GermanyxPrussia

I think I'll only be putting this one up tonight and that will be all for now. Some new news which isn't really new but I'm in the process of finishing up a new hetalia doujin draft. Not surprisingly it is HungaryxPrussia...sort of. After introducing Romania, I went nuts over HungaryxRomania XD HungaryxPrussia is still uber awesome though! ...well here's some old BL.

First drawing of one of my new fav parrings |D
Hey, hey here's the DA link for it too =p

Axis Powers Hetalia: GermanyxPrussia

Plot Summary
Prussia challenges Germany to a drinking game. The winner tells the loser to do whatever he wants. [Germancest] [Reads right to left] [Kinda not SFW]

Download link is here, and deviantart link shall be...here

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Repost: Shaman King Dj~ Narzissmus

I'm not sure why this didn't occur to me before, but I decided to have an online viewing of my doujins so those who prefer not to download or to go to deviantart can just read it here! ...seriously why didn't I think of this earlier?! *hand palm* I'll be starting from oldest to newest, so enjoy a blast from the past |D


Shaman King Doujin: Narzissmus

Plot Summary

Yoh and Hao elaborate on their brotherly relation, and constantly attempt to second guess each other's feelings with their mind-reading ability. Despite their attempts to communicate clearly, Yoh forgets about the reality he desperately wishes to escape. [YohxHao] [Reads right to left] [Kinda not SFW]

Download link can be found here, and for anyone who prefers to check it out on deviantart can do so here! This is best viewed full-screen.


The sketchbook...IT LIVES!!!

It has happened! I finally finished my sketchbook! And haven't mailed it yet...

I finished back in December, but for once I actually liked my own work so I was busy documenting it like crazy since I'll never see it again. I'm kinda sad that when it comes back to Canada, it won't be going anywhere near me, or the UK or Australia like promised >|

Anyways here is the front and back covers, I have it all up on deviantart, and here is the rar file too just because the photos I took were nicer looking then the scans I posted on deviantart.

And to re-cap, here is last year's not so awesome sketchbook.

Enjoy =)