Sketchbook Project 2012

Oh yeah it's backkkkk. I had to join this year since this puppy is going worldwide! Too bad it doesn't stop anywhere near me though T_T The theme this year is "I remember you" as a sequel to "I'm sorry I forgot you." I signed up I think maybe 3 days ago? But with the Canada Post strike (these people, really how many times has it been now?) I wonder when it will get here

In other news, in a month I'll have that new house smell all to myself...ah new house |3

Posting up photos once it eventually gets here. I'm sad no colour choices this year


I finally got the skebu yesterday, funny postmarked on the 22nd. Either way I kinda feel a little cheated with what I received, glad they got rid of that weird library card, didn't quite get that. Again I feel cheated with the book cuz unlike last year which was a nice moleskin book (those are rather pricey too) we have a simplistic notebook with a cardboard cover. And we still pay the same price? Really? Just cause it's recycled, is it even really recycled? Unlike last year this book has only 32 pages, double-sided so much less then last year which was about 50 pages single sided. Well less "work" I guess.

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