Morguefile fotos

People on morguefile, usually leave a note on how they want to see how their works were used. I'm not the type to message people and go "Hey I used your work and screwed it up." Its for their curiosity to see what I used. I apologize in advance for bad Italian [I'm still learning...or was.]

"L'Iperbole di Andante" Front Cover

Used were this and this

"L'Iperbole di Andante" Back Cover

This was pretty cool in its own right, I'm sorry for screwing it up ._.

"Rip off your Innards"

My newest Deviant ID, only used one foto and the rest were my own.

The last is an animation that can be seen here [Its really bad btw] and the bg is from here.

That's all for now. [Btw translatior is working on Grimms!!!] ~Ciao

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