Sketchbook project 2011

Found this timbit of info while browsing morguefile for a photo.

Thought it was pretty cool, the moment I saw the themes I knew I had to do "I'm sorry I forgot you", hell I've even made a list of things to draw or add into the sketchbook when I get it. Placed the order yesterday, so I might get it around my birthday [8/8] [nice present I know, right?]

Gonna post fotos of the skebu when I get it, and when its done =) I actually started on one page, just gave it the old photoshop touch, now to print and paste once it gets here. I'm so excited XD



Here's the skebu! It took me awhile to get up here since I didn't have a comp for sometime, I actually got it 2 weeks before my birthday, and its nearly done too!


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