For the love of geocaching! Not another MIAT!

MIAT = Micro in a tree.

Have I mentioned my love for geocaching? Maybe, maybe not. I'm updating this entry, as the old entry was about a geocaching blog I failed to keep up. It was dedicated to all the interesting hides out there. If you've never heard of geocaching or tried it I guarantee you will enjoy it unless of course for some reason there is something wrong with you and you just don't like it...but either way, once you've done it a couple of times you will notice the same old boring hides over and over again. Some people have wracked their brains to create interesting hides along with brilliant containers. I encourage you to check out what I've posted so far =) And hopefully I will convert some of you "muggles" into cachers lol.

And thus in place of the old blog, I ended up posting them to pinterest, here is the link of the so far incomplete list of interesting geocaches I have found. Also here is the geocaching site so you can check out this great "sport" for yourself. [I seriously don't think geocaching is a sport...it's like golf almost. How on earth is golf a sport?!]

I have yet to update the geocoin folder...that's another great thing about geocaching. Geocoins! Another fun thing that is all explained on geocaching.com.

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