Sweet Mother of Toast! I'm done!

Today is Saturday! Well at least on my side of the world it finally is.

I finally finished up the editing of my sketchbook pages, yeah when I mean editing, I mean cropping and make the images a bit easier to see. In general everything is 100% photoshopped lol

Anyways, I had to break down the folders into 3, since skydrive's file upload limit is 50 MB, the entire folder was about 100MB or something like that. Sure I could have went to another online storage site, but I work with what I have I suppose.

I uploaded the front and back cover on the arthouse site plus character summaries of the 3 characters that appear through out the book. Honestly...wish I saw the fiction project first!

Later today, after a session of pho with one of my mates, I'll finally mail this thing off. I feel slightly paranoid about the post times...after checking Canada Post's site, I'm even more paranoid...oh well Monday is another day.

Well more about my sketchbook, I do realize my handwriting can be complete rubbish, so please feel free to ask about what on earth does the text say, or anything of the sort. I did include in the last folder a txt file with the wording of certain pages since some of it is nearly impossible to make out.

Ok no more jabber here are the links (sorry for such tedious conversation):

und profile link on arthouse as well as a link to the complete project on deviantart |D

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