Repost: Axis Powers Hetalia dj~ GermanyxPrussia

I think I'll only be putting this one up tonight and that will be all for now. Some new news which isn't really new but I'm in the process of finishing up a new hetalia doujin draft. Not surprisingly it is HungaryxPrussia...sort of. After introducing Romania, I went nuts over HungaryxRomania XD HungaryxPrussia is still uber awesome though! ...well here's some old BL.

First drawing of one of my new fav parrings |D
Hey, hey here's the DA link for it too =p

Axis Powers Hetalia: GermanyxPrussia

Plot Summary
Prussia challenges Germany to a drinking game. The winner tells the loser to do whatever he wants. [Germancest] [Reads right to left] [Kinda not SFW]

Download link is here, and deviantart link shall be...here

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