Repost: Axis Powers Hetalia dj~ L'Iperbole di Andante

This is the last of the doujinshi reposts, yay? I'll be posting slide shows of the sketchbook projects in their respectful original entries, along with the next aph dj, "Don't die before I do" in it's original post. I'll re-link to the original postings for the sketchbook projects plus the next aph dj.

The next aph dj, "Don't die before I do" can be found here. And the completed posts for the sketchbook project 2011 can be found here, and 2012 here.


Axis Powers Hetalia: L'Iperbole di Andante

Plot Summary
[Alternate universe] From a young age twins: Romano (South Italy) and Feliciano (North Italy) had been seperated due to war and economic problems. Antonio (Spain), Romano's guardian catches wind that Feliciano is alive and currently residing in Venezia. Desperate to find the only family he has left in the world, Romano leaves hastily for Venezia not knowing where his brother is, or the consequences of his actions. [ItaxIta] [twincest] [Reads right to left]

Download Link and Deviantart Link.

This is best viewed in full-screen.

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