Post-Animethon '12

Ah animethon is finally over, it was a great weekend and I enjoyed myself immensely. I ended up beating my sales record yet again, so I'm very happy about that. I plan to get a paypal "buy" button up and running soon to make things so much easier for anyone who is interested in purchasing anything.

Also before animethon my sketchbook arrived...it arrived the day before my birthday (Aug 7) but I ordered it back on July 8...does it really take a month to go from the US to Canada? Seriously? T_T As I say every year, this will be the last time! And then I join again next year lol

So here it is, I already penciled in two pages. My experiment this year, isn't going as planned as the book arrived much too late and once September hits all I will be caring about is school.

Also back at the end of July I started something cool called "Postcrossing" so far I got two postcards circulating. Hope I receive one soon |D That being said, any custom ones I make will be uploaded here. (I doubt there will be many since people don't like hand-made cards for some odd reason.) Here is my first one I made, which was received on Aug 13 =D

"Day of the Dead"
Isn't it just shizzy? That's all the news for now. 

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