More postcards

So far with postcrossing, I've been having a blast that I started another blog about it. I wonder how long this will last lol

I made 2 more cards, one that I just threw into the post about 20-30 mins ago. Hopefully he likes it, the 2nd person didn't seem to like it lol

"Wild Rose"
This one is supposed to be a wild rose, something this part of Canada is known for...I'm telling you, she didn't like it |D 

"What a Quack!"
So this is the one I just mailed, I hope he likes it. It was interesting to make but the puns are really terrible I'm almost sorry I wrote them... 

These might be the last custom cards I make in awhile since classes are back and I still have to finish the sketchbook...yup this is the last year I swear |D

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