More SM (self-made! XD) Postcards

More self-made (SM) stuff |D Just mailed these two yesterday too, so hopefully they both arrive around the same time. (First one going to Germany and the second going to the Netherlands, so... |D ) 

This card was also SM too but it was more me cutting and pasting then it was me drawing. But the recipient  didn't mind if someone wanted to draw on their postcard so I did just that. I really love how it turned out too *_* 

I found some old Japanese notes of mine, knowing these wouldn't be coming in handy any time soon (and I needed something to draw on) I used the list of countries as my medium so to speak. I was in a bit of a "Japanese mood" either way, I even started to listen to Japanese music again to get the thoughts going and I somehow ended up with this |D I intended to only draw the woman and not everything else, well it looks nice and I hope the recipient likes it DX 

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